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Cap-M-Quik Filler Machine and Tamper

The Most Popular Personal Capsule Machine Ever Made!

The encapsulating system we offer has been in production and has been world-tested since 1981. Here's what makes it's the best:

  • Light, Compact and Easy to Store or for Traveling
  • Virtually Indestructible with Everyday Use
  • No Metal Parts or Bolts to Rust
  • Optional Tamper Packs All Capsules at the Same Time
  • Fill 50 Capsules in about 7 minutes, or about 400-500 capsules/hr.

Click Here to order the World's Best Personal Capsule Filler and Empty Capsules!

Interested in becoming a Cap-M-Quik Vendor?

If you have a walk-in store in a retail location, fill out our online application: Cap-M-Quik Vendor Application.


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