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Empty Caps Company was started as any good company is: designed to solve a specific problem that customers are having. 

In 2000, herbal supplements and home remedies were on the rise. My wife and I were both taking supplements, and in some cases, the supplements were in powder form, and they tasted awful!  

There had to be a solution. 

The internet was still a relatively new tool, and there were still very few companies selling products online. 

At a trade show I attended, I found a great product to help solve the problem of bad-tasting herbal supplements; putting the powder into capsules!

It made taking the supplements easy, and the capsules were inexpensive. 

The lady I purchased the capsules from was Canadian, and her store was in Canada, so when I went to re-order, any capsules I would purchase would have to be imported, adding quite an expense to the order. 

I began looking for sources of capsules inside the U.S., and I found that most all of the listings I could find on the search engines were for large manufacturers, and nobody selling them online. Everyone was selling in bulk to manufacturers, but it wasn’t solving the problem for the everyday consumer, like you and me. We were the average customer whose problem needed to be solved. 

That’s why we started the Empty Caps Company. The idea was that I would be happy to supply excellent quality capsules in quantities that the average consumer could both afford and use up in a reasonable amount of time. 

I sold capsules online with no competition for nearly two years before others began to sell capsules online, too. Some had the backing of very large capsule manufacturers, but they were still not fulfilling the needs of the everyday consumer. 

Many were buying bulk capsules, and simply shoveling them into bags and sealing them with tape. No labels, no identifying information, no lot numbers, no expiration date. 

Where were these coming from? Who knows. 

Empty Caps Company stepped up to protect the average consumer. We added clear labeling to our packaging. We began impulse sealing all of our packages, and added a lot number and expiration date so that our customers would know that we were always providing the best-sourced capsules in the world. 

I know people don’t generally give much thought to something as seemingly inert as a gelatin capsule. And for too many years, capsule suppliers didn’t either. 

Empty Caps Company changed that mindset, and we still live by the same policy today as we did way back in 2000: provide the best-quality capsules to our customer, with a history that can be traced back to the source in nature.

We’re not the biggest capsule supplier in the country, not even close: but we’ve remained small so that we can stay connected to both the manufacturer, and to the stores who carry our products. We’ll never be a huge company because we choose to be a better company.

If you own a mom and pop business, you know what I’m talking about. Personal customer service. Not a call center offshore somewhere. 

When you do business with Empty Caps Company, you’re doing business with me, and with my wife, Kelly, and with the family and small group of people we hire to do the job we require them to do, with the skill and diligence we’ve taken pride in for nearly two decades now. 

Empty Caps Company provides the very best quality of gelatin and vegetarian capsules in 7 sizes, from large size triple zero to the tiny size 4, perfect for pets and children.  

When it comes to quality capsules you’ll take every day, the buck stops here, and has since 2000:  We’re Empty Caps Company, and we’d like you to join our family of retailers around the world. 

If you have a small retail store or a small chain of stores, consider carrying Empty Caps Company brand capsules. 

Here’s another good reason to choose Empty Caps Company:  

We’ve built a network of stores across the country and in multiple countries from Australia to New Zealand. We’d like you to join our network. Why?  

Because we’ve been around long enough that customers know our products, even if you’re not familiar with us. And when they search for Empty Caps Company capsules, they’ll find our store online. That’s great for customers who like ordering online. We love those customers! 

But for many, either time constraints or trust issues prevent them from ordering online. They’d much rather go into a store and see a customer service representative who can help them personally. You know what I’m talking about because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t have opened a retail store!

Empty Caps Company will never have a stand-alone store. That would make little sense; but by partnering with your business, we’ll be able to bring you, customers, you didn’t have before, buying the products you carry to put into the capsules they’ve come to rely on. 

When you partner with Empty Caps Company, you’re getting our nearly 20 years of customers looking for our products, now finding us in your store. 

What’s the catch? There is no catch. 

 If your store or stores qualify, you can begin carrying our products immediately. Just sign up online and, if approved, you can begin purchasing from our online store at deeply discounted prices. 

The requirements are simple: Your store must be in a retail location, have public access and regular business hours. How can you know if your business qualifies, it’s simple; If during business hours, your USPS or UPS delivery person can walk into your store without knocking and leave a package inside the building at a front desk, for instance, you will qualify. If the same driver has to knock on the door or ring a bell and wait for you to answer a door to work with your business, it will not qualify.  We are not seeking, nor will we approve, applications from persons or companies that do not have at least one qualified retail outlet, or who are only interested in selling online exclusively.

You may qualify, however, even if your store isn’t in the herbal supplements business. For instance, many of our retail partners include novelty stores, such as glass and smoke shops. 

If this sounds like you, Empty Caps Company would like to be your business partner. It’s easy and profitable. Contact us for more information.

Today, Empty Caps Company ships to all U.S. States and Territories, and 90 countries across the globe.

Empty Caps Company capsules are guaranteed to be fresh; never brittle or stale. If you are not satisfied with our products for any reason, Empty Caps Company will gladly refund your purchase.

We thank you for choosing Empty Caps Company for quality capsules and the equipment to fill gelcaps and vegcaps quickly and efficiently, and we look forward to your business.

By the way, we have the Most Amazing customers in the world! Check out these Testimonials.


Rick Calvert

President, CEO

Kelly Calvert

Vice President, CFO

Empty Caps Company

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