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  • This is my 3rd time ordering capsules size 00 and size 3. I am very happy with the product and price. Also my order came in very fast. Thank You so much.

    Yvonne L.
    El Paso, TX

  • I received my order today, thank you so much for providing such fast and efficient service! I've never had something arrive this fast before from the States. 5 star service and products. Have a great day guys!! Cheers!

    Janine W.
    Dubai, Saudi Arabia

  • I was a first time purchaser, with excellent prices and very fast service I am a customer for life. thank-you

    Dave V.
    Holland, MI

  • I received your products and am very happy with both. This capsule size worked out perfect for the product that I needed it for, and I love the reduced price for the capsules. Just wanted to say thank you so very much. Sincerely:

    Keith E.
    Vietnam Veteran

  • I've been using my 00 size unit for 15 years and am finally getting a second one (000 size) to fill larger capsules with the herbs and minerals we give our goats. It's an ingenious design, and I wouldn't be without it. Great product, and a great company!

    Suzy C.
    Wasilla, AK

  • I have received my (capsule filler) unit-thank you so much. I put it to use immediately, putting turmeric in capsules. The system works great and I couldn't be happier. (reminder to self: wear gloves next time - my hands are dyed yellow up to my wrists!)

    Kilby C.
    Lake Cowichan, BC, Canada

  • What used to take hours for me to do now only takes a few minutes. Thanks for providing such a useful product at a reasonable price. Thank You

    Tommy W.
    Sylacauga, AL

  • Thank you Empty Caps Co. for being EXACTLY the kind of online company we all hope to find and trust. My experience could not have been handled more personally than if my mom owned the company. BTW-I told her of my wonderful experience and my beautiful little, old-school (small business owner) mom sends her thanks and respect, too.

    Daniel L.
    Aurora, IL

  • I received my kit yesterday while I was at work. I washed it up and started supper and had 50 capsules completed before supper was made! I think you should mention somewhere that once you replace the capsule caps that they actually snap together. I was very relieved to find that out! …I am very happy with my purchase already and wanted you to know.

    Sally G.
    East Boothbay, ME

  • WOW!!! What great service! I ordered on Monday (which was MLK day) and received package from California today (Thursday)!!! Awesome shipping!

    Thanks again.

    Bryan H.
    Morristown, TN

  • This is a top-notch professional; Extremely accurate in all respects. I made an error on my first order & Rick handled it with great panache. All my items arrived in pristine condition! I recommend "Empty Caps Company" with absolutely no reservations whatsoever. Receiving my second order pronto convinced me; I WILL be back for repeat business!

    Michael F.
    Ossining, NY

  • It was just what I needed and the price was right! I use it to combine medications for a small cat, works great!

    Paulette J.
    Arvada, CO

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