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DIY Supplements: 3 Reasons Why They Are Worth Your Time

August 20, 2021 0 Comments

DIY Supplements: 3 Reasons Why They Are Worth Your Time

If you are concerned about your health, you have probably taken or at least considered taking supplements at some point.  We need many vitamins and minerals that we don’t get in the food we eat every day.  Healthy supplements can help keep these vital nutrients in our diets.  They are also used by athletes and people with chronic diseases to improve their health. 

There are tons of vitamins and supplements available for purchase at drug stores and health food stores.  We’d like to argue, though, that you should make healthy supplements yourself.  While this may be more time-consuming than buying a bottle next time you’re out running errands, there are many benefits to DIY supplements.  Here are three reasons you should try making your own healthy supplements.

1. Doing It Yourself Is Inexpensive

One major reason DIY anything is popular is because it’s low cost.  Sure, making something yourself may take more time, but the money saved makes it pay off in the end.  This is especially true for supplements.  Once you buy the initial supplies, the cost is very small.  Empty capsules aren’t too expensive and you can buy them in bulk without a problem.  When you purchase too many filled capsules, on the other hand, they might expire before you even get to reap the health benefits.

The same goes for the herbs and vitamins themselves.  Purchasing these items individually is usually much cheaper than getting them pre-packaged in capsule form.  Companies can really hike up the price of healthy supplements and still have customers buy them.  Why spend so much money on fancy, name-brand supplements when you can make your own that are just as good or even better and cost less? 

2. You Know Exactly What’s in Your Own Supplements 

When you buy supplements pre-made, you never know exactly what’s in them.  Of course, the ingredients are listed on the bottles, but that doesn’t mean you recognize the names.  Fillers and dyes are often used.  You don’t want that junk in your body.  The whole point of health supplements is to benefit you, not make things worse.

The best way to know exactly what’s in the capsules you take every day is to fill them yourself.  It’s a great way to take in herbs that you know are good for you but that you don’t like the taste of.  Simply make them into a pill and swallow it down.  You get all of the health benefits with none of the gross aftertaste.  This allows you to ingest the ingredients in their natural form without issue.

It’s especially important to know what you’re putting in your body if you have food allergies or other dietary restrictions.  If you are vegetarian or vegan, you can buy empty capsules that don’t have animal products in them.  When you make them yourself, you can be confident that you have the best supplements for your diet since you know every ingredient.

3. Get the Best Supplements for Your Body 

The whole point of taking supplements is to improve your health.  This looks different for everyone.  While there are obviously nutrients all people need, each human is unique when it comes to their diet, exercise, allergies, lifestyle, and other factors.  Buying healthy supplements at a store can be tricky because they’re already mixed.  Maybe there’s a supplement that helps with building muscle and strengthening bones, but you only need help with the latter.

Rather than take in these extra ingredients you don’t want, you can make your own supplements that are exactly right for you.  The combination of herbs you need might not be sold in stores, but you can put it all in one capsule at your house without a problem.  In this way, DIY supplements are the best supplements since they’re made precisely to your specifications.  No more reading every bottle in the store and still not finding what you need.  DIY your perfect combination. 

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Ready to Make Your Own Supplements? 

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