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DIY Turmeric Supplements: The Benefits They Provide for Your Body

August 18, 2021 0 Comments

DIY Turmeric Supplements: The Benefits They Provide for Your Body

If you’re interested in health supplements, you have to hear about tumeric.  It’s possibly the most effective natural nutritional supplement in existence.  The many benefits of turmeric supplements vary widely, so they can help people with a variety of lifestyles.   

Turmeric is a spice that is yellow in color.  It is traditionally used in Indian foods like curry.  Indian people have long said that turmeric supplements function as medicine, and now science is backing them up.  Here are some of the major benefits that a turmeric supplement provides to the body. 


There are many different reasons your body may become inflamed, from injury to illness to unknown factors.  While this is fine for a little while, it’s generally not good to let inflammation persist in the body.  If you twist your ankle and it swells up, that’s okay.  Your body is naturally repairing the damage done to it.  The problem occurs when inflammation lasts beyond the length of an injury or illness and becomes chronic.

Doctors have found a correlation between inflammation and many different diseases including heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s.  While all of these illnesses occur for a large variety of reasons, there’s no harm in fighting inflammation as a preventative measure.  You can do that with turmeric supplements.

Turmeric has great anti-inflammatory properties because of a compound called curcumin.  Anyone can benefit from using this compound as a preventative measure, but people with arthritis may find turmeric supplements especially beneficial.  Arthritis is caused by inflammation in the joints.  The curcumin in turmeric helps reduce that swelling and pain. 


When you think of antioxidants, you might associate the term with vitamins C and E and the fruits and vegetables in which those naturally are found.  However, there are many other antioxidants in the world.  Turmeric supplements have these compounds.

Antioxidants are important because they prevent your cells from going through oxidation.  This process occurs when molecules called free radicals react with fatty acids, proteins, or even DNA.  Free radicals have unpaired electrons, which makes them unstable.  They’ll cause oxidation with other cells in your body.  Scientists have linked this process to many diseases.

Antioxidants stop free radicals by neutralizing them.  It’s important to have enough antioxidants in your body ready to break down any free radicals formed by digestion or exposure to tobacco smoke or radiation.  Turmeric supplements are a great solution to this problem.

Help Your Brain 

When you learn new things, the neurons in your brain are forming new connections.  They’re also multiplying so you have enough “space” to store all your knowledge.  This process involves a gene called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF).  A turmeric supplement may be able to increase the BDNF levels in your brain.  We’re not saying that turmeric makes you smarter, but part of learning is having a brain that’s healthy enough to absorb new information.  Higher levels of BDNF help with that tremendously.

This process of forming new neurons is linked with many brain disorders.  If your body has issues creating more neurons, that will likely show up as some kind of mental health problem.  People with more BDNF are less likely to develop depression or Alzheimer’s disease.  Turmeric supplements can help lower your risk for these diseases and may even help combat them.

Prevents Diseases

Turmeric can help prevent more illnesses than just arthritis, depression, and Alzheimer’s.  Heart disease has many complicated causes, but turmeric supplements may help with prevention.  The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant characteristics of the spice are both key, as these factors are both tied to heart disease.  Turmeric can also improve the lining of the blood vessels.  Keeping these strong is vital in preventing blood clots and heart disease.

Cancer is another deadly disease that has many causes, some of which are unknown.  A turmeric supplement may help limit the growth of cancerous cells.  It can also prevent cancer in some cases, especially cancers of the digestive system.  Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties are likely a factor here. 

Ready to Make Some Turmeric Supplements? 

Excited to put the benefits of turmeric supplements to the test?  Many nutritional supplements that include turmeric are available in stores.  However, these often have other ingredients that your body may not need.  They also can get pricey.  The solution is to make turmeric into easy-to-take supplements on your own.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

To do this, you’ll need empty pill capsules.  Empty Caps Company has you covered there.  Visit our online store to get capsules in most any size and quantity you need.

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