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Reasons Why DIY Supplements Are Healthier than Store Bought

August 17, 2021 0 Comments

Reasons Why DIY Supplements Are Healthier than Store Bought

Nutritional supplements can be incredibly beneficial to your health.  They can help with everything from making sure you get the nutrients your diet doesn’t cover to preventing diseases.  While you can buy nutritional supplements at a store, we think the best supplements are those that are homemade.  DIY healthy supplements are better for you in a lot of ways.  Here’s why.

All Fresh Ingredients 

Supplements from the store have to be shelf-stable.  Many nutritional vitamins can last for years in the bottle.  This doesn’t suggest that everything in there is good for you.  Some sort of preservative element must be used along with the healthier stuff.  You don’t want to ingest that junk along with your beneficial vitamins and minerals.

When you make your own supplements, everything that goes into the pills is fresh.  You don’t have to make them last a long time since you can always make more.  Even if you want to make the supplements in bulk, you know you’re putting in fresh, healthy ingredients.  There’s no way preservatives and chemicals can sneak into something you create on your own.  

Know Exactly What’s in the Supplements 

Even though store-bought supplements have their ingredients listed on the label, how well do you know what’s in them?  Few people take the time to read every ingredient and look up what it is and what it does to your body.  When buying healthy supplements, people tend to look for a few key ingredients they want and ignore the rest.

This could potentially be problematic.  In addition to preservatives, mass-produced supplements use all kinds of fillers, colors, and dyes in their products.  These things are easy to ignore on a label, but think about it: if the whole point of taking healthy supplements is to benefit your body, don’t you want to know exactly what’s in there?  Isn’t it important to know how each ingredient could affect your health?

You could research each ingredient and then try to find the brand with the fewest additives, but at that point you’re wasting more time than you need to.  Making your own would be cheaper and faster.  The best way to know exactly what’s in your supplements is to make them yourself.  

Create the Perfect Blend for Your Body 

People take nutritional supplements for many different reasons.  Maybe they’re concerned with preventing an illness that runs in their family, like Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, or heart disease.  Perhaps they’re athletes looking to burn fat and build muscle.  Whatever the reasoning, different lifestyles require different supplements.  These aren’t always easy to find in stores.

Let’s say you want to take healthy supplements that have five different ingredients.  The problem is, you can only find two or three combined into one pill.  The supplements also have a bunch of other nutrients you don’t want along with those you do.  What can you do?

If you make your own DIY supplements, you can create your unique pill.  Your supplements will have everything you want in them and nothing you don’t.  Rather than mixing and matching a few different store-bought varieties that are just kind of what you want, you have exactly the perfect blend for you all in one capsule. 

Leave Out Anything Bad for You 

Buying supplements is especially difficult for people with food allergies.  Sometimes an ingredient with an unusual name is actually an allergen.  This can be difficult to pinpoint, especially if the allergic reaction is delayed.

Even if you don’t have food allergies, there may be nutrients that your body just doesn’t agree with.  You know yourself best.  If you’ve discovered that you can’t have a certain herb, even without an official diagnosis of an allergy, it is easiest to keep it out of your supplements by making them yourself. 

People who are vegan and vegetarian sometimes struggle to find healthy supplements.  This is because lots of capsules are made of gelatin, which comes from animals.  Some filler ingredients may also not be vegan.  This information isn’t always listed on the bottle.  Make sure your nutritional supplements line up with the rest of your diet by filling vegetarian capsules yourself.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Ready to Make Your Own Supplements? 

Convinced the best supplements are those you make yourself?  You’ll need empty pill capsules to get started.  Empty Caps Company offers  capsules in gelatin and vegetarian types, in  a wide variety of sizes and quantities available.  Visit our online store today to make your first order. 

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