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Gel Caps

gelatin capsules for taking herbs

If you have ever taken medication or an herbal supplements, you are likely familiar with gel caps. In fact, many people who must take medications on a regular basis prefer gel caps, as they tend to be easier to swallow. In addition, the capsules can easily be separated in half and the contents can be sprinkled on food or mixed in with a drink for those people who have a true aversion to swallowing any pills or caplets, regardless of size.

It is nearly impossible to mash a pill into small enough pieces that the person taking it does not notice the gritty taste. Most people can swallow gel caps with ease though, even when they are on the larger side. The nature of the capsule makes them easier to swallow when wet than pills that are not as smooth. Our empty capsules are made out of bovine hide, which eliminates the danger of users contracting diseases such as mad cow disease... Read More



Capsule Filling

filling bulk herbs in capsules machine

Capsule filling machines make it possible for consumers to make their own health supplements, from the comfort and convenience of home. Forget about trekking to the pharmacy or health food store, only to pay inflated prices for common herbal supplements. There is no need to throw your hard earned money out the window in this manner, when you can easily and inexpensively make your own supplements that are created using only high quality ingredients. All of our empty capsules that we sell are made from only the highest quality ingredients, such as bovine hide or Southern pine bark for the vegetarian capsules. Every Cap-M-Quik capsule filling machine we sell comes with a lifetime guarantee, so you really cannot lose... Read More



Capsule Fillers

bulk herbal supplement gelatin capsules

Capsule fillers are used extensively by large and small businesses. However, you may be surprised to learn that the majority of our customers at are individual consumers, not businesses. That's right, about 90 percent of the people who contact us for our filler machines are private citizens who prefer to make their own natural herbal supplements and vitamins. There are certainly advantages to making your own supplements, as we've mentioned, with lower costs being probably the biggest one.

More people are realizing that with a little time and effort, they can make their own health supplements at a fraction of the cost... Read More



Empty Capsules

photo of herbal supplements

If you like the thought of creating your own supplements, you're going to need empty capsules to start. While it's not always difficult to find some sizes of capsules in a local health food store you can't always be assured of good quality and, just as importantly, the age of the capsules. Most capsules have a shelf life of about two years. Many herbal shops can't sell capsules that quickly, and they can become old and brittle on the shelf. To sell smaller quantities, they'll have to charge you more. That's the tradeoff. Gelatin and vegetarian capsules are made by many manufacturers worldwide. Some are reputable, but many more are not. It's important to buy capsules from a company which has a good reputation and buys only the best capsules from... Read More



Gelatin Capsules

cayenne pepper supplements capsules

If you're serious about your health and you don't want to take supplements made with chemical preservatives or artificial ingredients, you'll want to make sure your gelatin capsules are completely safe. At, we use gelatin capsules which are made from bovine hide, ensuring you that the capsules we sell are completely safe from such problems as mad cow disease. For our vegetarian market, or for individuals who for religious reasons will not use animal-based products, we offer vegetarian capsules that are manufactured using 100 percent hydroxypropyl methylcellulose or hydroxypropyl methylcellulose. It's a big word, but in essence the substance used in the vegetarian capsules is simply derived from the trunks of... Read More



Capsule Machines

capsule machine photo

Capsule machines come in various sizes, generally beginning with size 1 which is the smallest, sizes 0 and 00, which are subsequently larger, and the 000 capsule, which many call "horse pills." Obviously, size 000 is the biggest. The 000 is in fact the largest available to the general public and it can be hard to find. They are normally priced at about twice the price of the next sized capsule, the 00, and are not available in a non-gelatin form such as you would find in a vegetarian capsule. The pluses and minuses to different sized capsules are obvious--more product but harder for many to swallow in the larger size, or easy to swallow but more capsules with the... Read More



Empty Gelatin Capsules

cinnamon supplement capsule filling

Most people do not give too much thought to empty gelatin capsules. Unless you take an awful lot of medication or you are into herbal supplements, you probably don't have reason to think twice about gel caps. However, you might be interested to know that you can make your very own vitamins and herbal supplements with capsule machines. Making your own supplements is a much more cost-effective plan than paying retail prices at health food stores.

Our customers come from various backgrounds, but the majority of them use our empty gelatin capsules to make homemade herbal supplements. You see, consumers are catching on to the... Read More



Capsule Filler Machines

adding herbal supplements into capsules

Capsule filler machines from are designed to make it much more time efficient for you to make your own herbal supplements at home. You've probably spent hours every month filling your empty capsules by hand. You could spend hours trying to fill 100 gel caps in this manner, and you would likely spend a good portion of your time cleaning up all the spills. Who has time for that? We are assuming you don't, as you have a busy life to live and just want a product that can help you make supplements quickly and easily, without messes or aggravation. Well, at we are on the same page as you, which is why we sell the best capsule filling machines to private consumers, small home-based businesses and even... Read More



Empty Capsule Filling Machines

herbal remedy powders automatic capsule filling

Empty capsule filling machines are used by large corporations and small home-based businesses, as well as individual consumers who are interested in filling their own health supplements . A very basic capsule filler should be sufficient for someone who is only interested in making supplements for personal use. However, if you are running a home-based business and your volume is picking up, you may want to purchase additional Cap-M-Quik machines. They're available in four sizes; size 1 (smallest) through size 000 (largest).

Our extensive customer base at mainly consists of individuals who are eager to take the matter of health supplements into their own hands. The truth is, it is quite easy to make vitamin and herbal supplements from home... Read More



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