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Capsule Machines

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Capsule machines come in various sizes, generally beginning with size 1 which is the smallest, sizes 0 and 00, which are subsequently larger, and the 000 capsule, which many call "horse pills." Obviously, size 000 is the biggest. The 000 is in fact the largest available to the general public and it can be hard to find. They are normally priced at about twice the price of the next sized capsule, the 00, and are not available in a non-gelatin form such as you would find in a vegetarian capsule. The pluses and minuses to different sized capsules are obvious--more product but harder for many to swallow in the larger size, or easy to swallow but more capsules with the smaller size. For the individual consumer who just wants to make some herbal supplements at home, a basic capsule-filling machine would work just fine. Most will choose either the 00 or 0 size. These capsule machines are lightweight, extremely simple to use, and they don't require any technical expertise. If you can put bread in a toaster you can use a capsule filling machine. This is great news for you if you want to make supplements for better health, but you don't want to struggle with complicated equipment.

Empty Caps Company machines are dishwasher safe (top shelf), which means you don't have to deal with washing them by hand after each and every use. Furthermore, they are so lightweight that you would have no problem traveling with them if you wanted to do so.

Kudos to you for deciding to take a proactive stance regarding your health. Herbal supplements are fast becoming popular among consumers who want to take control of their health and ward off illness and disease. Making your own herbal remedies not only helps you achieve this goal, but, as we mentioned, it can also help you save a lot of money. Purchasing brand name herbal supplements through retail chains or even directly from the manufacturers can be an expensive proposition. Making your own supplements drastically holds down the costs without sacrificing quality.

Easy-to-Use Capsule Machines

If you are interested in our capsule machines, you can place your order directly through our website. All credit card orders are completely secure, as we use PayPal, which means all of your transactions are encrypted for complete security. If you have any questions whatsoever regarding our products, please feel free to call us toll-free at 1-866-695-2277. For more information on Cap-M-Quik products, visit our website, which has information on the capsule filling system, as well as a vendor application form for those small businesses who wish to carry our products.

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