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Empty Caps Company's now a Worldwide "Local" Network. Vendors Sought.

August 20, 2017 0 Comments

Empty Caps Company's now a Worldwide

Cap-M-Quik has been the #1 best-selling capsule filler machine for more than 35 years, and Empty Caps Company is the exclusive host for the vendor worldwide network at When anyone searches for Cap-M-Quik, our website comes up at the top of search engines. That gives our customers a place where they can find a local Cap-M-Quik retail outlet near them, should they rather not shop online. If it's you, then they'll come directly to your store!

Being a vendor in the Empty Caps Company network gives you a distinct advantage over other distributors. By purchasing your Cap-M-Quik products and accessories for resale through Empty Caps Company, you are eligible to be added to our local distributor's network, giving your local customers access to a product they have normally only been able to get online. will boost your foot traffic, and all you need to do is offer the Cap-M-Quik products, purchased through Empty Caps Company, to your local retail customers. Remember, only Empty Caps Company vendors are added to the website for inclusion into our worldwide distributor's network. Cap-M-Quik products purchased elsewhere are ineligible for addition to

That's how our customers find you; and they'll be looking for Cap-M-Quik! Offer the Cap-M-Quik products, accessories and Empty Caps Company brand of gelatin and vegetarian capsules to your local retail customers! Join our network today!

Click here for redirect to and our Vendor Application. US applicants must have a walk-in retail store in a zoned commercial or retail site to be eligible for inclusion in the network. US applicants who sell online exclusively and/or whose primary business location is zoned as residential are ineligible.

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