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How Empty Caps Company Began - A Video Introduction

October 01, 2014 0 Comments

How Empty Caps Company Began - A Video Introduction

It was in the fall of 1999 when my nephew and I attended a health food seminar in Chicago.  Less than a year later, was born, the predecessor to today's Empty Caps Company.

Our website has changed dramatically over the years as you can clearly see by the screen capture below; but what has never waivered is our commitment to bringing to you the best products for encapsulating your own herbal supplements.

 In our latest web video, I talk about how it all began back in the fall of 2000.  We launched the original on October 10th, 2000; completely unaware of the ironic 10th anniversary date that we would have on 10/10/10!

Now three years after that, we've launched this beautiful new website to make your experience easier to navigate, and pictures that are clearer and content that will help you understand better why encapsulating your own herbs, spices, botanicals and other food supplements can be a benefit to your life.

Please tune in to our YouTube Channel and watch how our story began:


Subscribe to our YouTube channel and watch for frequent video updates.  Thanks for watching!

Rick & Kelly

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