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What is a Tamper Used For?

September 27, 2013 0 Comments

What is a Tamper Used For?

From: beadedsweaters
To: emptycaps
Subject: Other: beadedsweaters sent a message about CAP-M-QUIK Capsule Filler Kit SIZE "00" (Capsule Filling Machine WITH tamper)

Dear emptycaps,

What does the tamper do?

- beadedsweaters


Dear beadedsweaters,

Thanks for the question. The tamper is an accessory which may be used in conjunction with the Cap-M-Quik Capsule Filling Machine. Once open capsules are seated in the capsule machine's tray and filled with powder, the tamper may be used to push the powder down into the individual capsules so that more powder can be applied and fit into the capsules. Without the tamper, capsules will not hold nearly as much powder, and may be left with air pockets.

A lot of people wonder why the fillers and tampers are sold both together - and separately. That's for a number of reasons. First, one tamper fits two different size Cap-M-Quik fillers; so if you buy two different size Cap-M-Quick's, for example, a size 00 and size 000, you would only need a single tamper, the size 00/000. Secondly, many customers use the capsule machine to hold capsules to put oils in, so for them a tamper is unnecessary. That's why they are sold together, and also sold separately. Thank you again for your question, beadedsweaters. Have a good weekend!

- emptycaps


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