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What's The Scoop?

May 07, 2014 0 Comments

5ml 10mg scoop

How much powder am I supposed to use?

Don't you agree: it can be really frustrating to try and figure out how many measuring spoons worth of powder you need to fill your capsules.  Well happy days are here again.  We've got the scoop best suited for use with any manual capsule filling machine and we've got them for sale on the website under the accessories link.

 The accessory scoop comes in a light plastic package with a guide for measuring out 50 capsules worth of powder.  Nearly perfect for whichever size capsules you need to fill.  And that's about it.

I know it's not a great big deal.  It's a plastic scoop for goodness sakes. Not nearly as exciting as the next new iPhone, but then we're not as big as Apple.  We do what we can to bring a little happiness into this world - albeit one cosmically teeny scoop at a time.

But imagine it - this scoop may well help you avoid the pain of a messy powder mass dispersion due to Excessive Powder Syndrome (EPS).  Too much powder on the capsule machine while making capsules!  I mean really...

Who knew cayenne pepper would make you sneeze?  Who knew there would be so much excess powder everywhere?  Who knew it would get in your eyes?  "If only I'd had a pre-measured scoop from Empty Caps Company" you whimper to yourself, a bag of frozen vegetables draped gently upon your blistering face.

Wipe those tears... wait.  Wash your hands.  Now - wipe those tears away!  We've got something that you'll say is a sight for sore eyes: Empty Caps Company has got the exclusive scoop (heh heh) - no, we've literally got this great little scoop - and we can pop one in the mail with your order today! 

The choice is yours: peace of mind for $2.79 - or the potential for temporary blindness and wasting a perfectly good bag of once-frozen vegetables you will never, ever eat. 


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